Learn How Sex Instructional Videos Can Improve Your Sex Life
19 Jan 2022

Learn How Sex Instructional Videos Can Improve Your Sex Life

Post by William

Everyone knows that the Internet is filled with an abundance of easy-to-find pornography that can be easily downloaded or viewed 24 hours a day. There are many different types of pornography available on the Internet, everything from photos to videos, a little something for everyone. You don’t even need to pay money to access some of the hardcore porn websites on the Internet, because many people have become savvy to the filter technology that is used by many pay sites, making it easy to enter without too much effort.

Unfortunately, all this easy access to online pornography makes it extremely difficult for a person that has a porn addiction or the potential to become addicted to porn. It just makes it way to easy for a person with an Internet connection and a porn addiction to give into their temptations.

A lot of people wonder why people who suffer from a porn addiction don’t just quit looking.

After all, most porn addicts really want to quit. Think about it, it can damage your sex life, make your spouse or significant other very upset, leaving the addict with feelings of guilt and shame. Unfortunately, an addict can’t just stop. Most psychiatrists have accepted the fact that a person who suffers from a pornography addiction actually suffers from a mental disorder which can be effectively treated and cured.

You might wonder, what are the signs of porn addiction?

The true definition of a porn addiction is someone that has a difficult time limiting the amount of time that they spend looking at pornographic images – either photos or videos. Porn addiction is similar to other types of addiction disorders, so determining if someone truly suffers from this problem is quite simple.

General Characteristics of a Porn Addict:

* Inability to resist strong urges to view pornographic materials.
* A feeling of increased tension just prior to viewing pornographic materials.
* A feeling of relief or pleasure while looking at the pornographic materials.

Must also experience at least five of the following additional characteristics:

* Feels frequently preoccupied with getting access to pornography or being able to see pornography.
* Views pornographic materials on a frequent basis.
* Tries to stop or control viewing pornographic materials repeated.
* Spends a lot of time on the Internet to the point where it interferes with normal daily life.
* Pornography viewing habits interfere with daily life such as home, school, work or other obligations.
* Misses or gives up activities that are work-related, recreational or social in order to have more time to spend watching pornography.
* Recognizes that the habit is causing problems, but continuing it anyway.
* Feels the need to increase the frequency or intensity of viewing pornography in order to still feel the same effects.
* Feels irritable or restless is pornography access is not available or is denied in some way.

Perhaps the biggest question, however, is how to stop a porn addict from accessing pornography online.

The best way to talk with someone that you suspect may have a porn addiction is to speak with them openly about it. If the person is viewing pornography online, then there really is a lot that you can do to help. The first step, obviously, is to remove the temptation. You don’t necessarily have to remove the computer from the home or rip out the Internet connection from the wall.

Once the person admits that they have a problem with a porn addiction and asks for help in controlling the problem, the best way to do it is to remove their access to pornographic materials on the Internet. You can easily achieve this by installing a simple porn blocker or web filter so you can prevent websites that contain sex or other materials from being able to load on your computer. MyPornBlocker is one of the top web filter software solutions available and is easy to install onto your computer. Using a web filter program can be a very quick and easy way to help remove the immediate access to pornographic materials and a great first step to beating porn addiction.


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